Pocahontas County EMS

Hillsboro Elementary School Staff and Students Honor First Responders

     On Friday September 10, 2021 Hillsboro Elementary School staff and students gathered on the football field to pay tribute to our Pocahontas County First Responders. A first responder, by definition, is an individual who is responsible for going immediately to the scene of an accident or emergency to provide help. This definition encompasses Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), paramedics, firefighters, and police officers. Being a first responder means they respond to any emergency, no matter how inconvenient it may be to the responder. Ms. Vada Boback’s kindergarten class kicked off our event by providing house entertainment. They patriotically marched to the podium waving the American Flag and sang “Grand Ole’ Flag”.  Hillsboro Elementary students were introduced to each first responder by name and affiliation. Members of Pocahontas Memorial Ambulance Squad, Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Department, Marlinton Fire and Rescue Squad, Shaver’s Fork EMT/Paramedic, 911 dispatchers, and Sheriff’s department were in attendance. Students had previously made thank you cards and as members were introduced, a student hand delivered a card. A picnic lunch was provided and students had lunch with their local superheroes. Afterward, students were given a tour of and were able to ask questions about each emergency vehicle. They were especially regaled by Sergeant Hummel’s explanation of the Taser! Students were able to view the PMH junior volunteer squad render emergency aid and explain how they assess the type of aid needed during the tour of the ambulance. Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Department members discussed with students their passion to serve their community selflessly on a completely volunteer basis.

   Hillsboro Elementary students were able to reflect on the importance of the duties of a first responder. They truly are our real life super heroes and we are honored to be able to thank them in such a profound way.