Fire Safety Week

On October 6th, 2021 the Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Department came to Hillsboro Elementary School to teach kids about fire safety.  When 5th grade went out, one of the volunteers was spraying a long range water cannon they used if they couldn’t get close enough with the hoses. 

The volunteers showed us firefighting gear such as oxygen masks so the fire fighters can breathe in a fire.  The masks used oxygen tanks the fireman could carry on their backs.  Other tools were the Jaws of Life which are used to pry open things, a spreader, a special fire extinguisher that uses water, a regular fire extinguisher, and a pump to throw into a lake or pool to pump water. 

The volunteers that came were John Duncan the fire captain, Emily Sharp, Kendel Ober, Shawn Sharp, Kevin Thompson, and Yvonne Sydenstricker.  The purpose of the fire safety week is to teach people what to do if they are in a fire and what we can do to help prevent them.