Frostmore Farm 2022

Yesterday on our trip to Frostmore Farms I learned a bunch of amazing things about maple syrup!  First we went on a tour of the farm and learned about the ancestors who bought the farm many years ago.  Then they showed us a huge tree that Adam's grandparents tapped.  That tree had been on the farm for over 200 years.  After that we went into the boiler room with Adam and it smelled so good!  After we went to the boiler room we went and got samples of the final products.  The fake maple syrup was nasty.  My favorite syrup that I tried was blueberry!  Then the high schoolers came and they played games with us and taught us how to put a tap in!  I thought it was amazing how the tubing of sap started at Frostmore and went all the way to Virginia!  Next, we loaded back on the bus and headed to school.  When we got back to school we got to try maple flavored cotton candy and it was amazing!  I had so much fun learning about maple syrup!  The workers there were also amazing.  A big thank you to Rachel and her parents and Adam.  All of us had so much fun learning about maple syrup!